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Do Forward Cities’ Site-Visits Strengthen Cross-City Connections?

Do Forward Cities’ Site-Visits Strengthen Cross-City Connections?

Our Research team asked the participants to go out of their way and take an additional three surveys over the course of the two days, because we saw an opportunity to set a new standard about how we can capture the impact of city visits like these. Kudos to the twenty, who stuck with us through all the questions of the pre and post-event surveys; you hold the record for the highest response rate of any of our survey instruments ever launched.

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#FCTalks with Forward Cities CEO Christpher Gergen

For our inaugural #FCTalks, Marketing Coordinator Justin Laidlaw sits down for a conversation with CEO Christopher Gergen. The two discuss why inclusive and equitable entrepreneurship is paramount to the success of an economic ecosystem and the reasons how cities can...

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Article Roundup: December 5

Our team is always looking for ways to highlight the great work happening around the country. Every day, our communities face new challenges that are met head-on by leaders and entrepreneurs aiming to make a difference. Their work inspires ours! Here is a selection of...

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R3 Score's More-Nuanced Background Check Helps Ex-Offenders Get Jobs

Can Employee Ownership Preserve Legacy Businesses in Communities of Color?

What Micro-Mapping a City's Density Reveals

“The network developed the @LivingCully Wayfinding System. During a workshop, residents identified proper placement for 20 signs ... to introduce a temporary sign prototype”
- What an amazing analogy to building resource navigators, @_RobWilliams. #ForwardEcosystems

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