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#FCTalks with Forward Cities CEO Christpher Gergen

For our inaugural #FCTalks, Marketing Coordinator Justin Laidlaw sits down for a conversation with CEO Christopher Gergen. The two discuss why inclusive and equitable entrepreneurship is paramount to the success of an economic ecosystem and the reasons how cities can...

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Article Roundup: December 5

Our team is always looking for ways to highlight the great work happening around the country. Every day, our communities face new challenges that are met head-on by leaders and entrepreneurs aiming to make a difference. Their work inspires ours! Here is a selection of...

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Why Black Credit Unions Matter for Financial Empowerment

Despite Resistance, Cities Turn to Density to Tackle Housing Inequality

Study: How Beauty Is a Boon for Cities

Richard Florida discusses a study finding a range of connections between a city or neighborhood's aesthetic appeal and its economic health. via @planetizen

"More than two dozen communities around the country have created funds to ensure that immigrants have access to legal counsel during immigration proceedings — a right not guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, unlike in criminal court." via @NextCityOrg

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After the election: Agitate, Educate, Organize

This is an interview with Willie Baptist, our coordinator for Poverty Scholarship and Leadership Development. Willie is a veteran of 50 years of poor people’s struggles for dignity and survival, from the Watts uprising to the National Union of the Homeless to the...

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