Community Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Community Entrepreneurship Accelerator

To achieve inclusive economic growth within a city, a dedicated effort is required. To accelerate and sustain this effort, Forward Cities is launching its next cohort of Community Entrepreneurship Accelerators in a select number of member cities to:

  • Place a full-time two-year Local Director to serve as a trusted local project manager and facilitator;
  • Create a cross-sector, diverse Inclusive Entrepreneurship Council;
  • Map the local inclusive Entrepreneurship ecosystem and gather relevant data input from sources such as a community survey, a benchmarking inclusive competitiveness index, and synopses of local/regional data sources and reports;
  • Coordinate and align a diverse set of decision-makers and stakeholders on target outcomes and strategies;
  • Identify and leverage local assets as well as national best practices to create high-impact results;
  • Invest in high potential, high-impact ventures and initiatives to increase economic growth and inclusion;
  • Evaluate results and scale what is working; and
  • Connect with a national network of other cities and partners to strengthen the work.

Strategies to measure impact

Forward Cities will work with local and national data partners to establish baseline data across a set of target outcome indicators and measure progress over time. Additionally, Forward Cities will work with national and local data partners to collect survey data to capture additional impact measures such as increase in awareness of and support for local initiatives, behavioral shifts, as well as national connectivity.

For additional information about Forward Cities Community Entrepreneurship Accelerators and to
discuss participating in our next cohort, please contact:
Fay Horwitt, VP of Community Innovation

From Our Members

“It was awakening to learn about the current trend of urban renewal going on across the US and not just in our own region. I have a broader perspective of the positive aspects of this trend and am greater able to embrace this change in my own city now.”
“I really liked Indy, really liked Des Moines, really liked Columbus and really loved Greenville. The scale of this community was inspiring to those from smaller and larger places. And the content delivered was great.”

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