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Hajj Flemings

Rebrand Detroit Participates in the Cleveland Forward Cities Convening

The most valuable part of the convening was seeing how organizations in Cleveland were addressing the challenges of economic development for minority neighborhood business owners - the retail brick-and-mortar businesses with underrepresented owners who are typically disconnected from capital resources and urban density.

Ernest and Camryn Smith explain the work made by the Durham Council.

What We Learned and Where We Go From Here: Reflections from the Forward Cities Councils

While Cleveland, Durham, Detroit and New Orleans each have their own personality, struggles and entrepreneurial communities, it quickly became evident during the recent Cleveland convening that some of Forward Cities’ greatest accomplishments were achieved by learning from each other.  

Walter Isaacson presents at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Isaacson on Innovation - An Intimate Conversation

From the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame during the Cleveland Convening, watch the full presentation of Walter Isaacson, president and CEO of the Aspen Institute Center for Urban Innovation, sharing a global perspective on how diversity and creativity are critical components of innovation and how cities are cultural ecosystems that foster progress.   

Denise Byrne, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Walter Isaacson and Christopher Gergen

A Magical Moment in Cleveland

Culminating over two years of work, the Cleveland convening marked another watershed moment for our community. Gone were the general abstractions about the obvious importance of this work. Rather, generalities were replaced by honest conversation and tangible examples of inclusive innovation work. 

Cleveland Convening Recap

The Final Forward Cities Convening in Cleveland

At the final convening in Cleveland, Forward Cities council members and guests gathered to deepen their collaborative relationships, highlight lessons learned throughout the initiative, elevate inclusive innovation in a national context, and above all, showcase Cleveland's intentional strides toward an inclusive innovation economy.
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