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About Forward Cities

- Our Mission and Work

to help cities develop and implement strategies to increase inclusive innovation in their communities.
Overview of Forward Cities:
Forward Cities is a multi-city, national learning collaborative that seeks to develop more inclusive innovation ecosystems in our nation’s cities. In its first two years, Forward Cities sought to advance this work in partnership with four cities: Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, and Durham. Drawing on this work and through the support of the Case Foundation and Kresge Foundation, Forward Cities is now working to develop a set of case studies on this work, codify a toolkit for cities interested in fostering inclusive innovation ecosystems, strengthen efforts to grow the number of locally, minority-owned enterprises in the original four Forward Cities, and build a national learning platform and convening strategy with partner organizations to carry this work to many more cities across the country. 

- Our Advisory Boards:
  New Orleans Forward Cities Council
  Detroit Forward Cities Council
  Cleveland Forward Cities Council
  Durham Forward Cities Council

-Newsletter Archive:
  2/26/15:   Welcome to Forward Cities
  3/27/15:   Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  5/6/15:     Measuring Impact
  6/19/15:   All Eyes on Detroit
  8/4/15:     What We Learned From Detroit
  9/28/15:   Catalyzing Inclusive Innovation
  11/23/15:  Preparing for Durham
  1/8/16:      Digging Deep in Durham
  2/29/16:    Forward Cities February Newsletter
  3/22/16:    Forward Cities March Newsletter
  4/19/16:    What is the Federal Government Doing to Promote Inclusive Innovation? 
  5/16/16:    Are Cities Experiencing an Urban Innovation Transformation? 
  6/18/16:    Forward Cities, Get Ready to Rock 'n Roll in Cleveland
  7/20/16:   A magical moment in Cleveland

- Convening Photos
New Orleans Convening Photos - December 15 - 17, 2014
Detroit Convening Photos - June 23 - 25, 2015
Durham Convening Photos - December 8 - 11, 2015

Forward Cities is led by Christopher Gergen of Forward Impact and Johnathan Holifield in partnership with ScaleUp Partners . Read their bios here.
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