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New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2015

Forward Cities is a multi-city, national learning collaborative that seeks to develop more inclusive innovation ecosystems in our nationís cities. In its first two years, Forward Cities sought to advance this work in partnership with four cities: Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, and Durham. Drawing on this work and through the support of the Case Foundation and Kresge Foundation, Forward Cities is now working to develop a set of case studies on this work, codify a toolkit for cities interested in fostering inclusive innovation ecosystems, strengthen efforts to grow the number of locally, minority-owned enterprises in the original four Forward Cities, and build a national learning platform and convening strategy with partner organizations to carry this work to many more cities across the country.
Johnathan Holifield Speech

Former NFL Player and Author on Inclusive Competitiveness Joins Forward Cities

Forward Cities announced that Johnathan Holifield has assumed the position of Strategic Advisor for the initiative. He will serve as a thought and action partner to Christopher Gergen, co-founder of Forward Cities, who leads the multi-city, national learning collaborative.

ScaleUp Partners

ScaleUp Partners and Forward Cities Team Up: Storytelling Inclusive Innovation Impact

Forward Cities and ScaleUp Partners announced a partnership to raise awareness of under-connected entrepreneurship and inclusive innovation ecosystem development in four U.S. cities: New Orleans, Detroit, Durham and Cleveland.

Residents in Michigan city take action to rebuild their city

Whether it's offering a safe space for children to do their homework, lighting up the city that had its lights repossessed, or creating economic engines that will spur development, some residents of Highland Park are coming up with innovative solutions to their community's problems.

TechniCLE event sparked talk on ways to support region's tech startups

TechniCLE has earned a reputation as a place for frank civic dialogue that includes civic, government, entrepreneur and education leaders.

How an equitable economic development fellowship could spark change in Phoenix

Equitable economic development involves dismantling barriers and expanding opportunities for low-income people and communities of color and expanding jobs and entrepreneurship to create a stronger, more competitive city, according to a definition written by the 2016 cohort of cities.

6 Ways the City of Decatur Became a Model of Inclusion, Diversity & Citizen Engagement

The city's Better Together initiative has resulted in a community action plan focused on six steps that promote equity and community dialogue among residents.

How Inclusion Creates A Positive Workplace Culture

Just as parents should teach their children about diversity, company leaders should instill the importance of an inclusive workforce.

The Wrong Way to Grow a City

A lesson from Cleveland: To avoid deepening inequality, prepare for economic growth before it starts.

Opinion: Tech companies had many black executives in the 1980s; what happened?

I’ve observed, in 30 years of technology journalism, that companies which do not practice equal opportunity, like Uber or Twitter, are also poorly managed in general.

What could success look like for DCís Inclusive Innovation Incubator?

It’s the key pillar of Mayor Bowser’s “inclusive innovation” agenda. But how will we know if it works?

How one entrepreneur is building bridges to help spur American innovation

Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs Christine LuShuchi Rana, and Bret Blount may have a bold approach to solving this eventual employment crisis in Middle America.

This woman wants to see more people of color shape Toronto's tech world

Innovate Inclusion is taking a diversity audit of some of Toronto's tech incubators.

What's The Next Trend In Leadership? Black Women

#BlackWomen are emerging as leaders across all sectors of the economy.

Seattle startup founder sought a business partner, got a womenís alliance instead

The Seattle Female Founders Alliance, set up by the founder of toy company Venture Kits, has become an online and in-person forum for women who have launched startups.

10 Amazing Women Leaders To Watch This Year

Slowly but surely there’s a revolution taking place, as women have made their way to the head of the table in industries such as finance, design, and marketing.

Providing Inclusive Opportunities in Durhamís Innovative Economy

Amid the fast growth, multiple organizations are working to ensure that our city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is as demographically representative as possible. 
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