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Ohio City Farm looking toward Cleveland

Detroit Forward Cities Convening

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Denise and Chris Forward Cities Detroit

Forward Cities, Get Ready to Rock 'n Roll in Cleveland

This week marks the fourth and final convening of Forward Cities. Hosted by the “Rock 'n Roll Capital of the World”, Cleveland is a perfect venue to reflect on where we have come from, where we are going, and the promising practices that we can build on to get there.

Victor Ruiz

Meet Some of Cleveland's Innovators

Every city has its champions, its innovative leaders – those who, no matter their niche, embody the spirit of their city and help drive progress and inclusivity forward.  And Cleveland is full of them.

Deborah Hoover and Randy McShepard

Cleveland's Forward Cities Council Seeks Innovation and Opportunity For All

Deborah Hoover and Randy McShepard, co-chairs of Forward Cities' Cleveland Innovation Council, discuss what strategies the council has used and how their work has paid off to-date in advancing inclusive innovation in Cleveland. To them, Forward Cities came at, "just the right time." 

Marianne O'Brien Markowitz

SBA Regional Administrator on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

When we look at Forward Cities' focus on inclusive innovation, and its place in Cleveland’s emergence, we recognize the key part small businesses play in making Cleveland’s, as well as America’s, vision a reality.

Greg Brown

How Forward Cities is Changing the Local Culture

In my opinion, one of the most significant outcomes resulting from Cleveland’s participation in the Forward Cities National Learning Collaborative is the recognition and attention placed on developing a new culture in our local environment that supports and sustains inclusive economic innovation. 

Ed Boyd in front of the iNvictus Office Center

Masters of Fate Launches at iNvictus

iNvictus EMERGE continues to address inequities and change the story with its Fellowship that selected a cohort of minority entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profit venture leaders to spend 18 months gaining access to information, capital and an international network of experts and industry leaders.  

Cleveland State University

CSU Study for Forward Cities Cleveland

As Cleveland’s Innovation Council worked to promote inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship in their four targeted corridors, the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs was asked to join the council as a research and data partner. 
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