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New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2015

Detroit Forward Cities Convening

Dequindre Cut in Detroit

Angier-Driver Streetscape Groundbreaking, Durham

The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans

Forward Cities is a multi-city, national learning collaborative that seeks to develop more inclusive innovation ecosystems in our nation’s cities. In its first two years, Forward Cities sought to advance this work in partnership with four cities: Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, and Durham. Drawing on this work and through the support of the Case Foundation and Kresge Foundation, Forward Cities is now working to develop a set of case studies on this work, codify a toolkit for cities interested in fostering inclusive innovation ecosystems, strengthen efforts to grow the number of locally, minority-owned enterprises in the original four Forward Cities, and build a national learning platform and convening strategy with partner organizations to carry this work to many more cities across the country.
Leaders learn effective Post-Katrina strategies to help rebuild in Puerto Rico

Forward Cities Co-Founder Organizes New Orleans Visit for Puerto Rican Leaders to Learn Post-Katrina

Forward Cities' Co-Founder and a native of Puerto Rico, Denise M. Byrne, and ConPRmetidos took 33 leaders from Puerto Rico to New Orleans, March 1-2, to meet local leaders and institutions, and learn valuable lessons from their post-Katrina recovery work.

Christopher Gergen will serve as CEO of the newly merged organization.

Forward Cities to Merge with CEOS for Cities

CEOs for Cities has announced its merger with Forward Cities to create the largest network of cities focused on inclusive innovation and economic development. Through this merger, Forward Cities now represents an alliance of 33 cities across the United States dedicated to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and resilient economy. It envisions a national network of metro and micro communities creating such an economy through the creation of new industries, enterprises, livable wage jobs, and revitalized commercial corridors.

ScaleUp Partners

ScaleUp Partners and Forward Cities Team Up: Storytelling Inclusive Innovation Impact

Forward Cities and ScaleUp Partners announced a partnership to raise awareness of under-connected entrepreneurship and inclusive innovation ecosystem development in four U.S. cities: New Orleans, Detroit, Durham and Cleveland.

Johnathan Holifield Speech

Former NFL Player and Author on Inclusive Competitiveness Joins Forward Cities

Forward Cities announced that Johnathan Holifield has assumed the position of Strategic Advisor for the initiative. He will serve as a thought and action partner to Christopher Gergen, co-founder of Forward Cities, who leads the multi-city, national learning collaborative.

A tool for growth that benefits everyone

Metro areas around the nation look to Nashville as a model of economic development done well.

AOL's Steve Case says 'smart cities' are the next big thing

AOL co-founder and former CEO Steve Case told FOX Business the next big opportunity is in the third wave of the internet. 

MIT Inclusive Innovation Awards stress optimism

The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy created the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to highlight and support businesses and nonprofits that use technology to improve economic opportunities for people with low- and mid-level incomes.

Helping African-American developers rebuild Detroit

U of T research looks at link between innovation and economic segregation of U.S. urban areas

A new study co-authored by the University of Toronto’s Ruben Gaetani suggests that innovation is leading to the economic segregation of urban areas in the United States. 

America's most and least distressed cities

One in six Americans are living in ZIP codes that are considered economically “distressed,” according to the Economic Innovation Group’s 2017 Distressed Communities Index.

Lessons for metro areas from the Inclusive Economic Development Lab

Growth across each of the top 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, the lowest unemployment rate in a decade, a housing recovery, and a booming stock market belie deeper trends that point to narrowing opportunity for both historically marginalized populations and beyond.

Black design still matters

Opinion: The global economy is starting to create lose-lose situations

The current international economic order, spearheaded by the United States and its allies in the wake of World War II, is underpinned by multilateral institutions, including the IMF and the World Bank.

Four cities learn how to create inclusive communities

The ‘Forward Cities’ learning collaborative includes Durham, Detroit, Cleveland and New Orleans. Forward Cities is set to release “The Promise of Durham,” which tells the story of efforts ongoing by local individuals, organizations and institutions.

Johnathan Holifield offers inclusive solution for economic woes

NFL players spend most of their careers competing on the field, but when it’s time for them to compete at the highest levels of society, too many struggle.
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